Wait safely using "VirtualQ".

We are deeply concerned about the disruptions ocurring on our daily lives and want to help doing what we do best: Improve customer experiences using technology.

Therefore, and despite being a small startup, we are giving one month FREE access to our cloud-first Queue management system VirtualQ, to help businesses maintain their clients' social distance while providing essential services.

This is our small way to contribute and offer assistance during these troubling times.

Users and businesses need to follow a simple process to use the platform:

Users only need to download the "VirtualQ Solutions" app and follow these steps...

... while businesses that want to offer this service have to follow these:

You can download the app here:

vq icon

Virtual Q Solutions

for the customer:

Click on the video to see the steps on how to use Virtual Q on the business that offer the service

For the business:

Click on the video to see the steps you must follow to offer the Virtual Q service FREE!

How satisfied are the consumers with businesses that have adopted virtualQ?

Register your business today and start offering your clients a safe way to queue for your services.

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